Hi my name is Chris

I'm a well rounded visual and UX designer for hire in Seattle.

I can win for you

By engaging audiences with delightful design and clients with thoughtful process I aim to please. My core technical skills include CSS, HTML and various graphic applications. Softer skills include jQuery and motion graphics.

  • Design ApplicationsNinja level 10 with the usual suspects - PS, AI, ID, Sketch3.
  • CSS, HTMLAlso hip to Sass, Gulp and various frameworks such as Bootstrap.
  • jQuery, Snap.svgI know just enough to be dangerous.
  • Motion GraphicsAfter Effects is my new favorite thing.

A little more about me

...the compulsive problem-solver, effective communicator, friendly collaborator and horrible speller.

I enjoy designing "connected experiences" for a variety of screens and users. These connections can be as simple as an adaptive site, or as intricate as a multi-platform media campaign. The more I can design experiences for all the screens in peoples lives and connect those experiences together, the better.

As much as I love Sketch3, I enjoy prototyping with HTML and CSS even more. It allows me to start designing in the browser sooner and makes early user testing possible.

Recent interests include SVG animation, Pixate for mobile prototyping and character rigging with After Effects.